Having been founded in 2006, Opalay Group of Companies has always been one step ahead the change in its journey for more than 13 years and has been marching with confident steps in order to become one of the largest and most successful companies of not only Turkey but also Europe.

Opalay Group of Companies is highly committed to the implementation of corporate management, social responsibility concept, environment friendly principles and ethic values at international levels in any kind of activity.

Opalay Group of Companies has become a company that is always followed instead of following others and has adopted it as a principle to become a service company.

There are 3 main factors shaping our Growth Strategy.

Change and Innovation:

World balances and needs and demands of people are continuously changing. The path for growth requires keeping up with this change and developing new strategies. Opalay group of companies demonstrates its full power in respect of technology, strategy and also economy in order to be able to respond to the demands of the changing and developing word as fast as possible.

Confidence in Ourselves:

Our experience and knowledge that we have acquired for more than 10 years, our expert staff, our steps and strategies always aimed at growth and our prestige in the eyes of our customers enable us to look at future more confidently.

Honesty and Quality Service:

Having adopted the idea that the path for continuous growth is paved by honesty and quality service, Opalay Group of Companies has always behaved transparently against its customers and established a strong tie with its customers based on the principle of "CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IN THE FIRST".

Our Activity Areas;