Thursday, 21 January 2021
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Transfer Vehicles

Opalay Airport Transfer and Transportation Limited Company has made it a principle to ensure that its customers travel safely thanks to both mandatory and optional insurances for all vehicles.

Insurances in our Vehicles

Land Route Mandatory Financial Liability Insurance (TRAFFIC INSURANCE)

The fee of the insurance is included in the car rental price. The purpose of this insurance is to indemnify the material and spiritual damages to 3rd parties.

This legally mandatory insurance guarantees your responsibility against 3rd parties.

“Kasko” Insurance

This is an insurance that indemnifies the damage both in partial and complete damages as a result of the accidents that shall occur.

Our cars are equipped with rent a car insurance and our customers are free from any kind of financial liability without paying an extra fee thanks to this service.

Seat Insurance

The companies that transport passengers are obliged to place “Land Route Passenger Transportation Mandatory Seat Individual Accident Insurance” for the drivers, assistants and the passengers.

Passengers can not be transported in motorized land vehicles that are not covered under the land route passenger transportation mandatory seat individual accident insurance.

Individual Accident Insurance

Guarantee Scope

In the event that the individual dies or loses his/her ability to work permanently or temporarily, the policies pay the whole amount of money or pay it monthly or quarterly for a certain period of time.

Policy is generally issued yearly and the insured party has the right not to extend the policy even if he/she is ready to pay the premiums. Although the occupation of the insured party is an important risk assessment factor, guarantee can be given for the persons that are not currently occupied too.

The person can get an insurance on his/her behalf or on someone’s behalf in the event that he/she has any interest. These policies supply for the treatment spending of the insured party dependent on the accident.

Important Notes

Even though it is not possible to determine the value of life or the material losses as a result of the loss of certain organs, it is necessary to determine a certain guarantee limit.  The factors such as occupation, age, etc. are taken into account in the determination of guarantee limit. This limit is determined according to the request of the insured.

The policy is valid all around the world in accordance with the limit.

Antalya Airport Transfer BABY SEAT

Our company provides baby seat in line with your request in order to ensure more comfortable and safer journey of your children between the ages 0 and 5.