Tuesday, 26 January 2021
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Car Rental Booking: Insured rental vehicles at Antalya airport.

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Insurance Information Opalay Rent a Car and Limousine Service Limited Company has the cars insured by both mandatory and optional insurances without demanding any extra fee with the aim of providing a better service to its customers.

Insurance Types;

1. Land Route Mandatory Financial Liability Insurance (TRAFFIC INSURANCE)

The fee of the insurance is included in the car rental price. The purpose of this insurance is to indemnify the material and spiritual damages to 3rd parties. This legally mandatory insurance guarantees your responsibility against 3rd parties.

2. Damage Liability (KASKO) Insurance (CDW)

This is an insurance that indemnifies the damage both in partial and complete damages as a result of the accidents that shall occur. Our cars are equipped with rent a car insurance and our customers are free from any kind of financial liability without paying an extra fee thanks to this service.